How To watch IPTV on PS4


How To watch IPTV on PS4

How To watch IPTV on PS4. Create an account. With your account created, go to Downloads, and look up for Plex Media server.

1. You need to download Notepad++


Install it and move to the next step

2. Ok, now go to, with plex you can stream pictures, music, movies from your pc, but today I’m gonna focus on IPTV


3. Create an account

4. With your account created, go to Downloads, and look up for Plex Media server


5. Install the .exe you just donwloaded and open Plex


6. Here you can rename your server and allow or not to stream in another networks out of your home. Excuse me for the Spanish haha, this is the only part where you cant change the language. But i think that its simple and you can understand it, right?


7. Now you need to donwload the plugin for IPTV.

Go to:

Download the zip

8. Unzip it and paste the whole folder (IPTV.bundle-master) in the next location:

Your hardrive (usually C:)/users/”youruser”/AppData/Local/Plex Media Server/Plug-ins

9. Enter in the folder, you will see a subfolder called contest, and in there a (.plist) info archive. Do a Right click in info and select the option “edit with Notepad++”, you will see this:


10. Remove the bold part of the line:<!–<string>UseRealRTMP</string>–>

leave only UseRealRTMP, like this:<string>UseRealRTMP</string>

Save the changes

11. In the folder for “contents” enter in “Resources”, you will see this:


10. Do a right click in “playlist” and edit it with notepad++

Here, you can add the channels you want, I recommend a paid list, but you can search hundred of free links in here:

Simply delete all the lines except the first, then paste the channels that you find and like, save and exit.

11. Go back to the folder “IPTV.bundle-master” and rename it to just “IPTV.bundle”

12. PC part: done for now, lets go to the PS4. Open the store and look for PLEX


13. Download it, and open it. There, you can sing in. The method is exactly the same as youtube, you will see a 4 digit code. Then you can go to and enter it.

14. Finally, open Plex in your pc, then in your PS4 and start to watch the channels that you previously added


Note: You have to open Plex in your pc before watch the channels in the PS4

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